May 18: Prayer School: Quiet Prayer, Silent Prayer and Not So Silent Prayer

If you gain nothing else from this message the listener should come away with the understanding that God, Our Father, is not into guilt and condemnation. That this Grace applies to the believer’s prayer life as much as any other aspect of their life.

Through reading the word we can discover the purpose and operation of order in the believer’s public and private prayer life. As well as a deeper understanding of Paul’s classic teaching about prayer in 1 Corinthians.

Praying WomanQuiet Prayer and Silent prayer have often been criticised in Charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical circles in the past. But, there is a time for Quiet Prayer and Silent Prayer. As well as a proper place for  “Not So Silent Prayer.”

In preparation for learning about Intercessory Prayer these three kinds of prayer need to be considered to equip the pray-er’s arsenal.

Neither God, nor the devil are deaf and as a tool to defeat Satan, silent prayer can certainly be effective. However, how can others ad their “Amen!” of agreement if they haven’t heard what has been prayed.

Striving will not bring results and spiritual warfare doesn’t always have to be loud. However, to have the greatest effect in our prayer life we need to allow ourselves to appreciate the ‘Rest’ that God has to offer to anyone who will accept it.

John 3:16 has so much more to offer than we have ever allowed ourselves to understand. For a pray-er’s prayer life to develop, a period of return to this precious message is not only essential. But, it will provide a deeper revelation about the whole reason we need to pray in the first place. Great Grace is on offer, so that we can then become instruments of that same Grace to others.

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 Quiet Prayer Silent Prayer and Not So Quiet Prayer

Image: “The Praying Woman” Courtesy of The Praying Woman on Facebook