June 15: They Came, Saying….

Throughout the Old and New Testament we are reminded that the very words of our mouth frame our expectations and create the world around us; the world we live in. God spoke to Moses and laid the issue out before him that he needed to let the people know: that, death and life are before you to choose.

Your free will provides you with the right to determine how you will exist. In Proverbs 18:21 we are reminded that  our very mouths govern us. That we will eat the fruit of our mouths to good or to evil. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue……” God even gives us the right answer in case we can’t make up out minds: “choose Life.” Simple really.

Zig Ziglar, one of the worlds better known motivational speakers summarised it by saying: “The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both right.” they will eat the fruit of their labours.

Likewise, we are reminded by James,  the Lord’s brother, in chapter 3, that the tongue, like the rudder of a ship, though it is a very small part, it has the ability to steer the ship this way, or that. Also that the tongue has the ability to set a matter alight with the fires of Hell itself. Such is the power of our words.

When it comes to healing we need to be aware that our words can bring health and healing or they can bring poison and sickness into our lives. With the exception of maybe one case, in the ministry of Jesus, we find that those who received their healing did so as a direct result of releasing their faith through their words.

the Woman with the issue of Blood, the lepers who came crying out to Jesus, the Syrophoenician woman who begged for the crumbs beneath the table, Jairus pleading for his daughter and the Centurion asking Jesus to heal his Lover. In all WOMANWITHISSUEOFBLOOD.jpg~originalof these cases they came to Jesus saying something; declaring their expectations. Their faith came out of their mouths and Christ responded to their faith.

Jesus even said that “it is not what goes into the belly that defiles. But, what comes out of the mouth. and “that men would have to account for every idle word.”

Don’t panic just yet. God, who is merciful, is very aware that it takes time and effort to tame the tongue. He also provided a way for us to be able to ask and receive forgiveness when we do fall. However, we are told we need to ‘grow up, in him.’ So, although we need not become paranoid and obsessed with our words, perhaps we need to take the time to think, before we speak them.

It is not as simple as “name it and claim it” as critics of the people of faith would have you believe. Yes Jesus said in Mark 11:23-24: “You shall have whatever you say.” It’s true. But, there are a number of conditions applied to this operation of Faith.

One of those conditions is revealed in the next 2 verses; Mark 11: 25 -26: “AND if you have anything against anyone FORGIVE….” and it doesn’t just stop there. “Because, if  YOU DO NOT FORGIVE…….Then your Father in hHeaven WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU.”

The precondition for you to receive ANYTHING from God , particularly healing, requires YOU to ACT first. Notwithstanding the FACT that God has already done all he has to do and has provided ALL you need by his Grace. But, YOU have the ability to block the blessings of God flowing in your life.

There are plenty of documented case of people who were dying of Cancer who when they began to deal with the unforgiveness in their hearts and their lives that have enjoyed a healthy recovery; both Christian and Secular.

Unforgiveness, at a spiritual level eats away at your heart like a cancer anyway, clouding and interfering in all aspects of life. It is not worth the heartache and the pain that it causes. Remember that the target of your unforgiveness may not have any clue about what you harbour against them. Simply because unforgiveness affects and ties YOU up in knots; no-one else.

It comes back to that simple statement, requiring a decision, from Deuteronomy 30: 19


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 They Came Saying

 Image: Woman with the Issue of Blood Photo by Survivor 69