December 24: The Birth of Jesus is The Gospel for All


The birth of Jesus, upon the Earth, is significant in so many ways. Beyond the mythology surrounding the financial status of the Holy family, as well as many of the other ‘religious‘ trappings that manoeuvre our thinking into feeling sorry for “Little Baby Jesus,” comes the majesty and splendour of the momentous importance that this entré, into this world bodes.

With the act of ‘High Treason’ committed by God’s man, Adam, in the Garden of Eden Satan was given the Authority to ‘Lord it’ over this planet; in Ephesians, Paul refers to him as: “The god of this world.”

The dominion of the whole world, up to and including the atmosphere, was usurped. This action placed God in the position that he could not intervene in the affairs of this planet, without first gaining access by the act of will of a human being. To do otherwise would have involved the destruction of his creation, humanity; whom he loved.

As a result the Covenants made between God and Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and on and on throughout the ages meant that God could establish and unfold the solution to the problem that he declared and prophesied over the serpent and his humans way back in the garden

Mary’s (Miriam’s) acceptance of the task, offered to her by the Angel Gabriel provided an avenue, a legitimate, legal and vital way for God himself to provide a way for the actions of that first Adam to be reversed. God would “provide himself, as a sacrifice” to restore that relationship and fellowship, personally.

As we view the nativity we cannot afford to see Jesus (He shall Save His People) in that state for long. We have to look beyond that manger, to Calvary and the fulfilment of the promise, as prophesied by Isaiah. That is the Gospel, the Good News, of the nativity.

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