February 1: Covenant of Blood – The Covenant – Foundation of Civilisation


This series of teachings is so profound that it will forever change your understanding of the Bible and its purpose. It will affect your relationship to other members of the Body of Christ. It will have a life changing affect on your relationship with God and if taken seriously it will transform that relationship in a profound way.

It will be impossible to contemplate “The Lord’s Table”, Holy Communion in the same way ever again removing from the ordinance any trace of religiosity and the concern of discerning the elements in a manner unworthy of the Body andcommunion_table1 Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Blood Covenants are the bedrock of all of the civilisations across the globe. Sadly, in our attempts to appear sophisticated and genteel we have abandoned the very concepts that caused us to maintain a sense of Order and Respect.

We have, in effect, civilised ourselves out of concepts such as Honour, Integrity, Respect and Honesty. There are no real consequences for breaching a contract. In fact, because contracts have been reduced to ink and paper there is a social undercurrent that suggests that “Contracts are blood-covenant 4made to be broken.”

Those societies that still regard the importance of blood and honour such agreements that, in some cases go back centuries, or millennia, are frowned upon as Primitive, Unsophisticated and even Barbaric.

In the Western World we find it difficult to understand the struggle between two cultures and the seemingly perpetual war that goes on between them; because we have lost the understanding and any concept of the nature of covenants.

This series will look at those covenants and others, in an attempt to understand the very nature of our own covenant agreement between humanity and God. “Made Once, and for All, Who will believe in Jesus Christ.” Hebrews 9:28

blood-covenantOf a Truth, I believe that once you have heard and really listened to this series of teachings:

“You Will Never Be The Same Again!”

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The Covenant Foundation Of Civilisation