February 22: Covenant of Blood – A Living Covenant

blood-covenant 3To be able to live effectively, in this world, we need to understand that there is both a Legal and a Vital aspect to our redemption by Jesus Christ, available under the new Covenant.

While it is possible to be aware that we are legally redeemed, unless we actually act upon that salvation, that has been paid for, for us, by the precious blood of Jesus Christ himself. Then it will be nothing more than salvation in name only.

So too, if we are not aware of the covenant that we have, with the Father, we can never walk in the light of that covenant. In fact, we allow ourselves to be blinded and broadsided into believing that every bad thing, that comes our way, must actually be the will of God; which it most certainly isn’t.

As I said at the outset of this teaching series, as we make our way through the study of not just covenants themselves, but also step by step throughcommunion_elements the New Covenant, announced and established by Jesus himself, elements of the scriptures you have probably heard, or read, many times, will open up and their actual relevance will become much more apparent than they have ever been before.

I sincerely meant it when I said:

“You’ll Never Be The Same Again!”

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A Living Covenant