February 8: Covenant of Blood – God’s Covenant With Abraham

God Was searching for a man with whom he could establish his plan of redemption in the Earth.

Abram, a moon worshiper in the city of Ur of the Chaldeans became thatLong_Shofar2 man. God announced to him that he Is El Shaddai, the God who IS God over all and The ALL SUFFICIENT ONE.

Persuaded, Abram left Ur, with his family and other relatives, including his brother in law Lot and went to the land that God led him to; Canaan.

It was while he and his family were in Canaan that God made a Covenant, established an unbreakable agreement with the man Abram, whom he promised to make the “Father of MANY Nations.” Even though at this time Abram was himself approaching a hundred years of age.

HarvestMoonTo understand the nature of the Old and New Testaments; the Old and the New Covenants between God and Man; it is essential to also understand the reasoning behind Abram’s ability to accept the promises of God; to the degree that h, as Abraham, would even be prepared to offer his own son as a sacrifice.

This teaching is a key to understanding the nature of God’s sacrifice of his own son, Jesus.


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God’s Covenant With Abraham