March 22: Covenant of Blood – The Covenant and the Gospel are One

The Bible that we hold in our hands, keep on the coffee table, lives in our bookcase and occasionally gets browsed through, is quite new; relatively speaking. Yet we refer to it as the scriptures.

We call it the Word of God, some have even come to the point of being afraid to mark it, crumple a page, have so much reverence for the book, that they have effectively created an idol of the “Holy Bible!” They usually have that high and lofty voice associated to their reference to it. They say it is infallible and must be obeyed. But, when it comes to actually quoting it they more often than not mis-quote or take passages right out of context.

bible-SunlightI have a love for the bible and a deep reverence for the word of God therein.  But, like Brother Hagin used to say: “If you have a bible you can’t write in, with you, throw it away and get you one you can write in.” The Word provides comfort, instruction, correction and nurturing as you read and study the contents. But, it is a working book. a mighty tool, that needs to be a good friend, a familiar friend.

But, as I said at the start, we, as a privileged bunch have access to the collection of all of the covenants between God and humanity since the beginning, up to and including the final and eternal covenant between God and the Man Jesus as our High Priest and mediator. But, even Jesus didn’t have access to the New Testament when he was in his earthly ministry.

Likewise Paul, who wrote nearly two thirds of the New Testament didn’t have the books he would write, not Peter, or John, or James, the Lord’s Half Brother. Yet all of them,at one stage, or another, in their own writings and ministry, refer to the scriptures as the Gospel.

In fact, all they had access to was what we refer to as the Old Testament; the Law and the prophets.

In Galatians 3:8 we are given the essential clue to be able to understand what the Gospel actually is when Paul tells us that God preached the Gospel himself to Abraham. The Gospel, the Good News that Jesus referred to in Luke 4:17 quoting Isaiah the Prophet Isa 61: 1-2. That Good News is essentially the Promises that God made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel and consolidated with Moses in the Covenant he established with Father Abraham in the very beginning. Crucifixion 1

The New Testament that we have gives us insight into how that original covenant and the New covenant that God made with Jesus, for ALL who will believe, has become one and the Curse has been done away with, redeemed by the sacrifice and the blood of Jesus Christ himself.

That blessing, that Covenant of Blessing that has come upon ALL who believe; not just the Israelites. But, upon ALL of the Gentiles who, once they accept the sacrifice of Jesus are no longer Gentiles, but children of Abraham; the Father of Many Nations. Through whom All Nations would be blessed.

By now, if you have taken this journey over the past weeks messages, you will have a better understanding of why Satan has confounded the church for so long in his attempt to prevent them gaining access to understanding the nature and importance of Blood Covenants. He knows, that if he can keep the children of God from understanding not just who they Are in Christ, but also WHY they are who they Are in Christ, he has them beat.

Take Hold of the promises of God to you today. Dust off that Old coffee table book; take that Bible off of the shelf and begin to feed on the promises of God, the creator of the universe, that have been made to you. If you are unsure of your standing with God. If it’s been a while since you prayed. Then go to 1John 1:9-10 and get right with God; knowing that he who HolySpirit_Bible1promised is more than able to fulfil.

Whatever you do, don’t let the enemy rob you of what you are entitled to any longer. Take hold of the promises of God and appropriate them for your life.

If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour then take the time NOW, to pray this prayer with me:

Dear Father in Heaven, I come to you in the Name of Your Son Jesus. I believe, in my Heart, that You raised Jesus From the Dead. I Confess with my Mouth Jesus IS Lord.

Please accept me as your child and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Live Big in Me. Lead me and guide me into All truth, through your written word and teach me the way I should go. Amen!

Now reach out your hands to God in Heaven and begin to thank him for accepting you and Loving you.

If you prayed that prayer for the first time in your life then get in contact with me by either email, or through the contact form on the website. Most importantly you need to get yourself to a church where they teach the Word of God faithfully. There will soon be a list of Spirit-filled and Covenant Network Churches you can go to to get on-going teaching and discipleship in the Word of God

Just remember: God Loves you; Jesus Loves you; He, by the Holy Spirit has come to live inside of you, and We love you here at Open Arms Fellowship. Praise God! Hallelujah to Jesus, Amen!


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