March 29: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Words

The-Lent-Lily-HeaderThe ability to have confidence in, and the ability to stand on, your covenant with God, is not something that falls on you like ripe cherries off a tree. It doesn’t happen automatically.

Faith, Simple faith is something every person has to be able to live their everyday lives; to be able to sit on a chair, to walk a straight line, to stand up; all of these require the simple faith that either the chair will hold you; cliff-hanging-house-image-1when you put one foot in front of the other you will move in that direction and that when you lift yourself up from a sitting or lying position your legs will hold you. But, even these things took practice, failure and repetition to become skills that you could rely upon.

Even the faith that is required for salvation doesn’t happen by accident. Faith is not something that is simply given. Romans 10:17 gives us the clue that: “Faith comes by hearing and repeatedly hearing of the Word of God.” The other thing is that Faith has to be developed Hebrews 12:2. It is only by acting on the faith that comes from hearing the Word of God that it becomes alive in us.

This Faith is the action of standing on the new covenant that was established by Jesus. That covenant that has taken all of the blessings ofhouse on a rock God’s covenant with Abraham and forged upon the cross of Calvary; the penalty for the old being paid in full, in the very pit of Hell, by Christ himself; culminating with the final sacrifice, offered by Jesus as our great high priest, in the Heavenly Holy of Holies; to form of the two one New and Better Covenant built on better promises.

The substitutionary work of Jesus at Calvary has ensured that anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus WILL be saved; will receive ALL that Salvation  (soteria) has to offerBy this action God has placed the obligation upon himself to acknowledge and accept Anyone (Whosoever) who puts a demand on that promise. Like he did with Abraham, God, through Jesus, has sworn by himself that it will be that way and no other; such is the nature of covenants. In particular, with this covenant, the Testator, Jesus, has died so that his will and testament could be activated. But, by rising from the dead he lives to ensure that that testament is fulfilled.

Diligence is required to ensure that we are fulfilling our part of this process. We cannot benefit from a covenant that we don’t know anything about and we can’t stand on promises that we have scant knowledge of. We NEED to study the promises that have been made to and for our benefit throughout Man standing on the edge of rock on sunset.the word of God, the bible, the record of the Old and the New Covenants. A good place to start is to consider the promises, the Blessings in Deuteronomy 28 (remembering that when you get to the curses, in the same chapter we have been redeemed from those, by Jesus [Gal 3:13]).

But even better, is to go through the New testament, particularly the Epistles, and look for any statement that describes who we are Now, or Have Received, by being: “In Christ; In Him; In Whom; Through Christ; By the Promise” and the like.

Glory BibleIn this important teaching we look at the different words that relate to the topic of covenants and covenant agreements. We look at the significance of those words NOW, Today. We consider the Truth, that Salvation, through Christ, is not just for the future, in the sweet by-and -by, over in  glory land. But, available for us today, as believers. But, to live in these blessings requires the work of finding the promises and standing on them, by faith.


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Covenant Words