Great News Regarding the Download Archive

I’m very aware that for some people the idea of signing up to download the Podcasts has been daunting.

Even though there was no actual way to see who was downloading, or where they are in the world, I believe that it provided a barrier that should not be there that prevented people accessing the teaching in these recordings.

As a result, I have removed all requirement for anyone to have to register to download the materials. 

There is no need to Log-in or Register to Download from Open Arms Archive

All materials are provided free of charge  and may be copied to pass on to a reasonable number of friends. 

However, it would be preferable if people interested in further materials downloaded them for themselves, so that they can access the other sections of the church’s website; which will be getting a revamp in the near future.

Don’t forget, that if you have been blessed by the materials provided here, you might be led to use our Giving button to choose to partner with the ministry, or to even consider giving a one off offering.

However, above all else, remember:

“Jesus is Lord”