Thank You for Your Support

We’d just like to Thank You for Your Support of the work that Open Arms Fellowship does to bring the Gospel to LIFE in the hearts and minds of the people; particularly those who’ve been told or made to feel that they’re not welcome in church.

I pray that as you have freely given you shall freely receive.

If this is your tithe then according to Malachi 3:10-12  I ask that the Lord make you more and more aware of the blessings he desires for you to receive from him; an abundance that will enable you to demonstrate the faithfulness of God to those who recognise his desire to make them prosper in every area of their lives; Spirit, Soul, Bodily, Financially and Socially; in that order.

If this is an Offering or Faith gift then in accordance with Mark 10:29-30 my prayer for you is that you come to the realisation that God will honour that giving, from the heart as a memorial before him; and according to Luke 6:38 as you give freely, without compulsion, then God will direct more for you to steward as he directs.

As you have recognised that He is Your Lord (your Bread Provider) you have demonstrated by sowing your Faith seed that you will receive a harvest, according to your faith; some 30, some 60 some a hundredfold.

Bless you and may you continue to be the blessing that you are.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus.